Brake Hose Service Ideas Part 4

Brake Hose Service Ideas Part 4

We are now on Part 4 of our brake hose service ideas and if you missed part 1, part 2, or part 3, here is a quick recap:
  • How to tell if a brake hose is still able to continue in service or not
  • What cracks mean on a brake hose and if it is serviceable when cracked
  • Is the pull on the vehicle from the brakes or from the brake hoses?
  • What to do with a caliper when servicing the vehicle
  • What heat does to brake hoses
  • Comparison of a crimped hose
  • Petroleum saturation and what happens with that
  • What happens when the wrong brake hose is put on a vehicle
  • Using a valve stem to plug a hole in a caliper
  • What to do when "pinching off" a hose
Idea 17

Another design of a hand tightened line lock. This unit is simply smaller in design.

Brake Hose Service Idea 17 Idea 17


Idea 18

This is NOT a proper tool to pinch off a flexible brake hose. This type of tool should never be used and even if you put padding such as a piece of hose over the tools jaw area this tool may easily damage a hose.

Brake Hose Service Idea 18 Idea 18


Idea 19

If a hose is pinched off as shown so no fluid and flow through its small internal passage area with a tool as shown damage usually occurs.

Brake Hose Service Idea 19 Idea 19

Idea 20

Note the internal damage from using clamping pliers such as that shown in Pic. 19. This hose will no longer allow the same volume of fluid to flow as the hose on the opposite side of the vehicle. This may give a pull upon initial brake application among other problems.

Brake Hose Service Idea 20 Idea 20

Idea 21

This hose has an internal “flapper valve” type of issue. Brake fluid will flow through the “flapper” but will not easily flow back the other way. This may prevent fluid application or hold fluid onto the caliper depending on the direction of flow in relationship to the “flapper” direction. Was this problem initiated by someone once improperly clamping a flexible brake hose? You don’t really know but it could easily be the cause of the problem.

Brake Hose Service Idea 21 Idea 21

Brake hoses are really not complicated items but a large dose of common sense and understanding must be applied to brake service situations and problems when the brake hose may be the cause of the problem. It is also commonly recommended to replace brake hoses is pairs as if one hose has a service problem the other, unless it was changed individually, may soon follow as its service life has been the same. Pay attention to the tips and recommendations in the previous images and be successful in your brake hose service.



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