Opening Seized Bleeder Screws

Opening Seized Bleeder Screws

Every now and then, you might run into a stuck bleeder screw. This can be frustrating, especially because bleeder screws are supposed to be a simple step in the process.This article aims to help you know what to do whenever one gets stuck. Likewise, it goes over a few different solutions as each situation may differ.

Bleeder Screws Not Opening

The effort required to open bleeder screws will vary from on vehicle to another. The factors that effect this are:

  • Age of the vehicle
  • Operating environment
  • Rubber cap equipped
  • Whether they have ever been opened


NOTE: When attempting to open a bleeder screw always use a six point socket or wrench. Use of a 12 point socket or wrench will increase the chances for rounding the bleeder screw and increase the difficulty in removing it. Follow these steps to open the bleeder screw: First, remove rubber dust cap if equipped. Using correct size wrench or socket, apply mild force to see if bleeder will open easily. If bleeder will not open stop attempting to open it without following the procedures below. Continuing to force it to open may result in breaking it

Bleeder Screws Method 1:

1. Use a hammer to tap on the head of the bleeder screw. Mushrooming the bleeder screw head is acceptable as long as the wrench or socket will still fit on (See Below). 2. Tap on the caliper housing all around the bleeder screw. After doing these steps try the bleeder again. 3. If necessary repeat steps 1 and 2 above. If bleeder still will not open you will have to use Method 2 listed below.
Bleeder Screw

Method 2:

Using the tool shown in the image below and the appropriate size socket apply vibration to the bleeder screw while working the handle back and forth with even pressure. Do not force the bleeder screw. Keep applying the vibration until the bleeder screw opens. If the bleeder screw still will not open the caliper or wheel cylinder will have to be rebuilt or replaced
Any further trouble? Phoenix systems has developed an easy to use method that vibrates the bleeder screw while working it back and forth with a 3/4″ wrench. Click the button below for more information and a short video on how to use our BrakeFree product.

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