Put on Your Brakes and Read!

Put on Your Brakes and Read!

Phoenix Reverse Brake Bleeders Solve All Kinds of Problems

Hi, this is Elizabeth again with Part III of my own personal education on what is under the hood of my car. In doing my research on Brake Bleeding.

Systems, I found out the the U.S. Military is the largest client for Phoenix Systems. Wow, that was good enough for me!!

The Phoenix MaxPro Bleeder is included in every US. Military SATS Kit (that's a Standard automotive tool set) and are used in full service military facilities as well as the deserts in Iraq. Because of the performance standards applied by Phoenix Systems, brake companies like Stop Tech, Baer Brake and Performance Friction recommend the use of Phoenix Bleeders to get maximum peformance from their performance brakes.

One of their customers, Ron Gibbar said, "I had to learn how to drive my
Chevelle all over again after using a Phoenix Bleeder because of the difference in pedal response and firmness."

I was particularly impressed that there are 5 patents that cover this type of bleeding. One of the tech's told me is was "like trying to swim to the bottom of a pool with a beach ball" to use traditional bleeding methods which attempt to push air down.
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