Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Francis Goebel

Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Francis Goebel

Francis Goebel was kind enough to share his experience with us regarding bleeding brakes with the Reverse Brake Bleeder from Phoenix Systems

"I own a 1972 Pontiac LeMans.  I purchased this car brand new and I have all the original paperwork plus the license plates.  I have put this car in 2 car shows and have won 3 trophies, “Best in Class” “Best of Show” and I took an award from a “Corporate Sponsor”, out of 200 cars they chose mine.  I am pretty proud of this.  I was having trouble bleeding my brakes the conventional way.  I saw an advertisement about the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeder on RFD TV, a machining show.  It was awesome.  It changed my way of thinking because one man can do the job now, it’s less time consuming and it worked just as advertised.  Just being able to bleed my brakes alone is really what made me purchase the tool.  I would recommend this tool to anyone who wants less grief from bleeding and wants to save time."

Here are some pictures of his Award-Winning Car that he is very proud of and he should be as it is a fine automobile.  It is a nice looking car and we are sure you will not be disappointed for visiting and reading.

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