Jack Scheutzow's Reverse Brake Bleeder Testimonial

Jack Scheutzow's Reverse Brake Bleeder Testimonial

Here is a Testimonial from a gentleman by the name of Jack Sheutzow. He was also kind enough to share with us some pictures of two of his cars on which he used the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeder. One is a 1932 Ford Roadster and the other is a 1967 Chevelle (He goes into a little more detail in his Testimonial below).


"It was a pleasure talking to you about your reverse brake bleeder.  Here are some pictures of the (my) two cars. One is a 1932 Ford Roadster with a 421 cubic inch Chevy small block. It has 550 hp at 5600 rpms and comes with two 4 barrel carbs.  The car has an automatic transmission.  It took 2nd place in the Roadster Division at the Cleveland Auto Rama in March 2012.

The other car is a 1967 SS396 Chevy Chevelle.  This car is all original with 28000 miles.  I replaced the 396 engine with a 468 cubic inch Chevy big block.  This car has a 4 speed stick shift transmission. The car also has a 12 bolt Posi-traction rear engine. This engine has a 565 hp @ 5500 rpms.

Both of these cars has disc brakes, both front and rear.  Disc brakes are very hard to bleed out all the air in the system. Your brake bleeder made this an easy job. I was able to remove all of the air and have a full brake pedal. Best of all I did not need anyone to pump the brakes.  The Phoenix Systems Brake Bleeder made bleeding my brakes a one person job.  It is a great tool and the only one I use.

Thank You for a great product."

Here are a few pictures of both of Jack's cars.

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