Brake Fluid Testimonials

BrakeStrip Testimonials

BrakeStrips work spectacular! We test every car that comes in and it’s increased our sales. People really like it because it’s a test that we can show them.

BrakeStrip is great. I used to change brake fluid based on moisture, but I’m finding that with the BrakeStrip test brake fluid fails that passes a moisture test. So, I don’t think moisture is the real issue.”

Oh yeah, BrakeStrip is great. At first customer’s response was skeptical, but this test is so visual it’s very easy for the customers to accept.

We use brake test strips on every ticket and average between 75 – 100 brake flushes per month. We call it show and tell.

The BrakeStrips are a quick and easy way to identify a maintenance need. The visual you can present to the customer is very convincing and straight forward

We do a lot of maintenance work so it’s nice to be able to go to my customers with a test that is reputable and repeatable

BrakeStrip increased our service on brake systems by $10,000 for the year.

It’s easy to show customers condition of their brake fluid, not just by color, but by actual condition of fluid.

Yes, we test everything that comes in and explain to our customers about copper content in the systems. Customers say that it is a much better explanation that it is bad because it looks dirty.

I bought 2 tubes, then I bought 4 tubes, then I bought 10 tubes. Man, I can’t believe how great they are at selling brake flushes!

My customers really like the test strips, and that’s saying a whole lot, because most of my customers are older and they don’t trust anybody. But they like the strips because it’s something they can see.”

We read test strips on every check, every time. It has enhanced our brake sales and moved us into the top trust market by being able to show the customer the problems and also allow the customer to dip the fluid themselves. Thanks.

With brake fluid test strips, we can sell flushes and provide the customer with a car that will run newer, longer.

The automotive repair industry has a reputation of being dishonest. With the strip and the card, I can prove it to them that their brake fluid is bad and the customer feels confident that this service is needed. Using BrakeStrip will change the automotive service industry from a stigma of dishonesty to trusting your mechanic.

The brake flush strips have increased flush system sales 70% at our location over the previous year.

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Brake flush #1 money maker in my store.

We use the BrakeStrips at Firestone Complete Auto Care here in Fargo, ND on every car we service. It is a great tool for talking to the customers and helps a lot in selling brake flushes.

The Phoenix brake fluid test strips have been an excellent tool to help educate my customers and increase add-on service sales.

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