Copper Better Than Moisture

Copper Better Than Moisture

This independent study was conducted by two large nationwide auto service centers that offer brake service. The purpose of the study was to determine whether copper or boiling point (moisture) was more efficient at identifying when brake fluid replacement was required. Phoenix Systems was not involved in the testing in any way other than Brake Strip (a.k.a. StripDip) was used to determine the brake fluid copper level. We have provided the raw test data here for your review.*

Description Of The Study

A total of 469 vehicles were tested for brake fluid copper levels and boiling point. Vehicles tests were geographically represented from the entire U.S. Vehicles were tested from Arizona to Florida and Chicago to Las Vegas. There was no consideration for the year, make or mileage of the vehicle or previous service history. This means that some of the vehicles may have had recent brake fluid service.

The results of this study demonstrate why FASCAR copper technology was so desperately needed. AAA conducted a similar test that yielded almost identical results.

Test Summary

Copper Fail 208
Copper Pass 261
Low Boiling* 6
*Below the minimum wet DOT boiling point of 284 deg. F for new fluid.

NOTE: The minimum wet DOT boiling point is NOT a standard for brake fluid replacement. This is a standard for new brake fluid. In the absence of any standard, the new fluid standard was used.


It was determined by the service facilities conducting the test that boiling point or moisture testing is a "waste of time". "Finding boiling point problems is like finding a 'needle in a hay stack' ". Besides "when or how" to fail brake fluid based on moisture or boiling point is a big problem, since no standard exists.

FASCAR Copper testing is the only real way to determine when brake fluid replacement is required and uses the only standard for brake fluid. Copper!

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