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Common Questions About Bleeding Brakes

Q: What’s the problem with trapped air anyway?

A: Trapped air destroys brake response because air is compressible and results in delayed brake response.

Q: What makes Phoenix Bleeders so good?

A: They are patented and can perform every possible bleeding brakes method (especially “reverse”) for removing trapped air.

Q: Which tool should I buy for bleeding brakes?

A: View the which tool to buy page to find your perfect fit.

Q: Will it work on my vehicle?

A: The tools are not vehicle specific and will work on almost any hydraulic brake or clutch system, even motorcycles, bicycles, RV’s, and ATV’s

Q: Which bleeding method is the best?

A: Reverse bleeding brakes is the most efficient, but often a combination of bleeding techniques gets the best results.

Q: Why does it work so well with ABS?

A: Reverse bleeding brakes uses fluid paths in which ABS valving offers little to no resistance. ABS manipulates braking pressure and then allows fluid to easily return to the master cylinder.

For more information or to watch our instructional videos, please visit our Video page.

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