Guidelines For Brake Fluid

Guidelines For Brake Fluid

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MAP Standards Updated for Brake Systems

The Automotive Maintenance and Repair Association (AMRA) recommends to its members that (1) Brake fluid be tested for contamination at OEM recommended brake system inspection intervals, and (2) that a Brake fluid replacement service be performed, for most vehicles, when testing shows copper content exceeds 200 ppm. The AMRA Technical Committee reached these conclusions after extensive study of industry data, including a review of SAE Papers, US Government reports (NHTSA and NIST) and independent laboratory studies, among other resources. For more information about  AMRA and its Motorist Assurance Program, visit and

System: Brake Systems

Some states may have specifications that differ from OEM. Check your local/state regulations. Where state or local laws are stricter, they take precedence over these guidelines.

Reason Code Explanation

Code Reason - Required

A Part No Longer Performs Intended Purpose

B Part Does Not Meet A Design Specification ( Regardless Of Performance)

C Part Is Missing


  1. Part Is Close To The End Of Its Useful Life
  2. To Address A Customer Need, Convenience Or Request
  3. To Comply With Maintenance Recommended By The Vehicle's Original Equipment Manufacturer
  4. Technicians Recommendation Based On Substantial And Informed Experience

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