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WARNING: Only read this page if you’re serious about greatly increasing your business profits by offering brake fluid flush service… Brake fluid flushing is the #1 new high profit service with millions of vehicles requiring brake fluid replacement. If you haven't already decided to offer brake flush service then our products and this proven system will be of little or no value.

Looking for new sources of revenue? Trying to maximize your income and profits? Then Phoenix Systems BrakeStrips are for you. Read top Q and A's by mechanics.

BrakeStrip is the #1 money maker for some shops!

BrakeStrip is a 60-second test that identifies serious brake system problems before they occur – thereby ensuring your customers’ safety while earning their trust and loyalty. BrakeStrip uses strict Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) guidelines for brake fluid testing. It’s also recommended by manufacturers like Bendix Brakes and Raybestos. No other brake fluid test finds bad brake fluid as often as BrakeStrip – Bring BrakeStrips into your shop and immediately you’ll be busy doing brake fluid exchanges – with manufacturer endorsement to back up your results.

It took two years to develop the proper strip packaging to ensure our 3-year accuracy warranty. The new retail BrakeStrips are now available for sale and private label. Anyone who buys brake fluid is a customer for BrakeStrip, whether it's a do-it-yourselfer, professional technician or a service facility.

The retail BrakeStrips can be placed near brake fluid or at a point of purchase (POP) display as an impulse purchase. The retail package is available in a variety of configurations and strip counts. Retail stores can now purchase BrakeStrip retail cards (#3003) pre-assembled on a hanging strip-clip with 12 cards or in a point-of-purchase (POP) display that has (25) #3003 cards.

In 60 seconds your customers will know if their brake fluid needs replacement. Just ask, "Have you tested your brake fluid lately?"

Retail Features

  • Increase brake fluid sales and brake related parts and supplies.
  • BrakeStrip is quick and simple, customers can test before they leave.
  • Ready to go, just put it on the counter and ask, "Have you tested your brake fluid?"
  • Patented, no "me too" competitive products.
  • BrakeStrip is the, trusted and proven, industry standard brake fluid test.

How to Sell a Brake Fluid Exchange in 60 Seconds

Do What's Right, TEST Brake Fluid For Copper

  • Uses MAP guidelines for brake fluid testing. A copper content of 200 ppm indicates a depletion of corrosion inhibitors in the brake fluid. Depleted corrosion inhibitors require flushing and refilling with the correct brake fluid.
  • BrakeStrip® tests for COPPER. Copper is the first metal to corrode in the brake system. Copper is in the braising of steel brake lines.
  • GM, Ford, and Chrysler DO NOT have service intervals for brake fluid. The domestic OE manufactures say that the brake fluid should only be changed if proven to be contaminated.
  • What about moisture? No moisture standards exist and moisture is rarely an issue due to today’s EPDM brake hoses and sealed brake systems.
  • What about color? The color turns dark mainly due to dye from the hoses and other components in the brake system and this does NOT mean that the brake fluid is contaminated.

Brake Strip is much more then a brake fluid test, it's a sales system

We've incorporated some of the most important sales tools and techniques available to help sell the service. Here are a few:
  • Quick 60 second test
  • Visual proof your customer can see
  • Industry standards and guidelines to support your recommendation for brake fluid service
  • Color Scale Card and support material to explain "why?"
  • Preventive Maintenance- Extend the life of the brake system
  • Safety- Provide safer vehicles for your customers
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