Professional Mechanics Testimonials

Professional Mechanics Testimonials

“After extensive testing, Bendix feels that the visual dip strip from Phoenix Systems is the best indicator system on the market. Phoenix Systems … is well respected in the industry. Phoenix Systems know their brake fluid…”

“In the 1990s, researchers were looking for a better, more reliable way of testing brake fluid than what had been available. The end result was the development of FASCAR (Fluid Analysis by Stimulation of Copper Alpha Reactions) Technology.”

“I bought two tubes, then I bought four tubes, then ten. Man, I can’t believe how great they are selling brake flushes!”

“The BrakeStrips are great! I had to hire another guy to do all the flushes”

"Industry Adopts Brake Fluid Replacement Guidelines as the industry has replaced much of the myth surrounding brake fluid with fact and has adopted an industry accepted testing technology (FASCAR). Technicians at shops following these procedures will be able to confidently educate their customers on the benefits of a brake fluid flush.”

“I sold over 400 brake fluid flushes in two months using BrakeStrip as my sales tool.”

“The BrakeStrips take all the guesswork out of testing brake fluid.”

“The BrakeStrips work spectacular! We test every car that comes in and it has increased our sales.”

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