What is BrakeStrip?

Don't Let Brake Fluid Be the "Weak" Link...

The Squeaky Links
Think of brake parts as links in a chain and everyone knows a chain is only as strong as the weakest link. Repair facilities are good at replacing the "squeaky" links, like brake pads and obviously worn or damaged parts, but what about the brake fluid?

BrakeStrip is like a wear indicator for brake fluid
Brake fluid is what hydraulically connects the "links" in your brake system and protects it from damaging corrosion. Brake fluid doesn't "squeak" like brake pads when it's time to be replaced. BrakeStrip uses a new brake fluid testing technology developed by Phoenix Systems, that performs just like a wear indicator for brake fluid -- telling you when it must be replaced. Just dip the strip and compare the color. With BrakeStrip, brake fluid should never again be the weakest link in your stopping power.

BrakeStrip Basics:
  • You can't determine brake fluid condition by moisture, color, time or vehicle mileage
  • BrakeStrip determines when brake fluid replacement is required
  • BrakeStrip uses MAP guidelines for brake fluid test results
  • BrakeStrip is a copper test, NOT a moisture test

New Retail BrakeStrip

Now anyone can accurately test their brake fluid in minutes with the new Retail DIY BrakeStrips. It took two years to develop the proper strip packaging to ensure our 3-year accuracy warranty. The new retail BrakeStrips are now available for sale and private label.
Anyone who buys brake fluid is a customer for BrakeStrip, whether it's a do-it-yourselfer, professional technician or a service facility. The retail BrakeStrip can be placed near brake fluid or at a point of purchase (POP) display as an impulse purchase. The retail package is available in a variety of configurations and strip counts. In 60 seconds your customers will know if their brake fluid needs replacement. Just ask, "Have you tested your brake fluid lately?"

BrakeStrip "copper" Brake Fluid Test

Looking for new sources of revenue? Trying to maximize your income and profits? Then Phoenix Systems BrakeStrips are for you.
BrakeStrip is a 60-second test that identifies serious brake system problems before they occur – thereby ensuring your customers’ safety while earning their trust and loyalty. BrakeStrip also uses Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) guidelines for brake fluid test results. Plus, BrakeStrip is recommended by manufacturers like Bendix Brakes and Raybestos. No other brake fluid test finds bad brake fluid as often as BrakeStrip – Bring BrakeStrip into your shop and immediately you’ll be busy doing brake fluid exchanges – with manufacturer endorsements to back up your results.

Brake Fluid Test Kit

We studied the most successful shops using BrakeStrip and developed the BrakeStrip System™ to help you achieve maximum possible brake fluid exchange profits and help your customers properly maintain their brake system. The star of the BrakeStrip System™ is the New Brake Fluid Test Kit, which includes:
  • (1) tube of BrakeStrip (100 qty)
  • 100 Customer Test Results Cards.
The BrakeStrip system requires the use of special, easy to follow steps that are demonstrated in a DVD, featuring Stacey David. Watch it here. Our customers using the BrakeStrip System, report increases in brake fluid exchange services by as much as 400%, while providing a useful service to help the brake system and vehicle last longer.

Industry Standard "200 PPM (Parts Per Million) of Copper in Brake Fluid" test (MAP Standards)
  • BrakeStrip is a simple 60 second visual test
  • BrakeStrip makes it possible for anyone to test brake fluid
  • BrakeStrip provides a great return on investment
  • BrakeStrip earns trust by providing "proof" and reduces risk