Brake Hose Service Ideas Part 3

Brake Hose Service Ideas Part 3

We are now on Part 3 of our brake hose service ideas and if you missed part 1 and part 2, here is a quick recap:
  • How to tell if a brake hose is still able to continue in service or not
  • What cracks mean on a brake hose and if it is serviceable when cracked
  • Is the pull on the vehicle from the brakes or from the brake hoses?
  • What to do with a caliper when servicing the vehicle
  • What heat does to brake hoses
  • Comparison of a crimped hose
  • Petroleum saturation and what happens with that
  • What happens when the wrong brake hose is put on a vehicle
Idea 12

Note the unusual twist of this hose. Previously when the caliper had been removed and reinstalled the caliper had been rotated 180 degrees when reinstalled. This puts a sharp twist into the hose. Note the end of the hose attached to the caliper and how it appears at the right angle bend.

Brake Hose Service Idea 12 Idea 12


Idea 13

When you remove a caliper from a hose attached by a banjo hose fitting use a valve stem to plug the hole. This prevents brake fluid from dripping all over the place and excessive air from entering the brake line.

Brake Hose Service Idea 13 Idea 13


Idea 14

No matter what method of pushing the caliper piston back into the caliper bore you use you should open the bleeder and pinch off the fixable brake hose. This prevents the pushing of any contaminants from the caliper back upstream into the brake system components such as ABS control units, a brake valve or the master cylinder.

Brake Hose Service Idea 14 Idea 14


Idea 15

Even when you simply push the pads backwards to allow their easy removal from a rotor you should open the bleeder and pinch off the line.

Brake Hose Service Idea 15 Idea 15


Idea 16

When pinching off a hose to block fluid flow you should use a properly designed “line lock” type of tool such as the tool shown. Note the tightening is done with a hand turned wing nut, not a hex bolt.


Brake Hose Service Idea 16 Idea 16

Keep coming back each week for more tips on our Tech Trick Tuesday posts. We will be finishing up with part 4 next week.

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