Brakes-What Do You Know About Bleeding Your Brakes?

Brakes-What Do You Know About Bleeding Your Brakes?

Brake Bleeding


An Important Lesson For You

I’m a regular driver, probably a lot like you. I know how to change my oil, check my tires and I am aware of taking the car into the shop for periodic maintenance. I also recognize the importance of making sure my brakes are working correctly. But beyond that, I am pretty green on what to look for as signs of potential trouble.

I have heard of the phrase of bleeding brakes, but honestly had no clue on what that truly meant. Because of what I have learned and the importance of the information, I wanted to set up a 3 part blog to share with you what I learned in hopes that you, too, will understand the importance of brake bleeding and how to get full performance from your brakes.

A big problem is trapped air in brake systems. Air is compressible in a hydraulic brake system. It takes time for air to compress, while the real hydraulic braking work has to wait. And, you and I both know that time is critical in braking! A LOT can happen in 20 feet or a few hundred milliseconds. You will find out how to bleed brakes by yourself (no more pestering your spouse, your neighbors or your family) in less time than you ever thought possible.

A typical driver, like you and me, may have trapped air in our brake system and not know it. I learned you adapt for it in the way you brake. So what can you do? What good is it to put on high tech brake systems like Stop-Tech, Performance Friction, Baer, Wilwood, Brembo if you have trapped air? All this information started me thinking about my brakes, possible trapped air and stopping power. I did some research and found some important information I want to share with you in the next blog. In the meantime, if you cannot wait for the next blog, check out for more info.

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