Can You Reduce Automotive Comebacks To Just 1%?

Can You Reduce Automotive Comebacks To Just 1%?

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Does your shop have too many comebacks? 


Common reasons for comebacks 

All auto shops have had exceptions to the rule, but generally comebacks can fall into one of three categories.

  1.  Miscommunication between Techs, Service Advisors and Customers
  2.  Inadequate quality control system in place
  3.  Improper tools or parts
SolutionsGet communication right!  Make sure to communicate the system you want to use in the shop with clarity.  The expectations should be clear.  The right system will have technicians and managers communicating as frequently as possible. Most successful shops use an inspection checklist on paper or electronic form.Image result for automotive shop meetingsTry this.  Chances are there is a training problem that, if solved, will reduce comebacks.  As a team,  you can implement a new comeback prevention system or improve your current one. If you want to make this transition smoother try creating a small survey asking the shop team who the responsibility of comebacks should fall on, what could be done to reduce comebacks and how to effectively work through them. The accountability will be much clearer and help slow down the diagnosis process to make sure things get done right the first time.  After collecting information from your survey help guide your team toward an efficient comeback prevention system. Training could take place with a team meeting and followed up with an improved inspection checklist.Some ideas include:
  • Calculate comeback rate.  For comeback rate you can divide the customers that came back by the total number of customers.
  • After every vehicle is completed a manager or someone who didn't perform the work can inspect the work.
  • The hours lost for the mistake could be deducted from the employee responsible for the comeback.
  • Make sure the right tools and parts are used for the job. E.g. BrakeStrips are proven to reduce comebacks significantly by providing a visual aid for the customer.  Learn more here.        
  • Religiously keep track of where and with which services the comebacks are occurring.  Consider discontinuing a service that often results in a comeback. 
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