Front Wheel Brake Inspection Part 2

Front Wheel Brake Inspection Part 2

If you remember our Blog post from last week, we introduced front wheel brake inspection on a used and abused 2004 Toyota Tacoma Pickup.  This pickup had not been treated as it should, therefore, it had a lot of issues with brakes.  We covered Rear Drum Brake Inspections in a 4-part Blog and started the front brakes last week.

To “pickup” where we left off last week, here is Step 10:

If the bleeder valve is frozen and cannot be opened with a hand wrench or 3/8” battery powered impact, there is an easy solution to the problem. With a tool (Phoenix Systems BrakeFree is shown) such as the one shown bleeders can be quickly and easily be opened. Take the tool out of the shipping/storage plastic sleeve.

Front Wheel Brake Inspection 10

Step 11

Place the tool into an air-hammer as shown.

Front Wheel Brake Inspection 11

Step 12

Put an appropriate size 3/8” socket on the end of the air-hammer tool. Be sure to use a 6-point socket.

Front Wheel Brake Inspection 12

Step 13

Place a #2 Phillips screwdriver through the hole in the air-hammer driver and, with the socket over the bleeder valve, push downward while turning the tool with the Phillips screwdriver. The shocking action from the air-hammer, combined with the turning force you apply, usually frees up even the most stubborn bleeder valve. After opening the bleeder valve, close it and continue on with the inspection process.

Front Wheel Brake Inspection 13

Step 14

Next, loosen and remove the caliper mounting bolt. This can usually be accomplished by using a hand wrench. In some cases, a box end wrench is the only tool you can get on the caliper mounting slide bolt because of the brake line or other obstruction.

Front Wheel Brake Inspection 14

Step 15

This shows a totally unauthorized use of a combination wrench when something is tight but it works and is commonly done. This caliper bolt is hard to get anything on to loosen it so this method was chosen even though the wrench manufactures hate it.

Front Wheel Brake Inspection 15

Step 16

If you do choose to use an impact, don’t just put the socket on the bolt head and hit the wrench for all it’s worth. Use moderate trigger pressure and “feel” the removal process. It the caliper mounting bolt was stripped or not previously installed correctly, you want to discover it now, not when you go to reinstall it.

Front Wheel Brake Inspection 16

We will have more of the story on how to properly perform a front wheel brake inspection next week for Tech Tricks Tuesday.

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