Getting Rid of Trapped Air In Your Brake Lines!

Getting Rid of Trapped Air In Your Brake Lines!

This is Elizabeth Ann again-regular driver like you, trying to make my way through what my car really needs regarding my brakes. As I said at the end of my last post, I found out some pretty interesting info and I wanted to share with you.

I found out that I may have trapped air in my brake system and THAT is not good! I had heard the term “brake bleeding” before (really, I had-but I

had no idea what it meant). I have a friend who worked for Phoenix Systems and he told me that air rises in fluid, kinda like bubbles in your soda. Phoenix Systems has a tool that is used to perform a technique called Reverse Brake Bleeding. Once you learn what a caliper bleed screw is and where it is located, just attach the special tool in the kit and …PUSH the air and brake fluid UP into the master cylinder. Brake Fluid fills the reservoir and air escapes. Simple!


How Reverse Brake Bleeding Works

What is so great is that Phoenix can use another technique called Pulse Generation to reduce surface tension on trapped air. It’s like tapping on a caliper or brake part from the inside. There is also a cross bleeding method wherein you can bleed from one caliper directly to the other! I don’t know about you, but I want to know about this stuff-my brakes are everything to me! I NEED them to be in perfect working order!!

When I asked my friend which method I should use, he said that in most cases not one bleeding method by itself removes ALL the air, so a combination works best. He told me that the Phoenix Bleeders were designed to also perform pressure, vacuum, bench and cross bleeding, in addition to reverse bleeding. Wow, with one tool, I could potentially perform every known method of bleeding to remove the most trapped air I could possibly get!

And I learned something really awesome-Phoenix Brake Bleeders are self-contained and can be used no matter where I am.

I have been asking some more questions, regarding clutches and other stuff I think I need to know. Stay tuned for Blog #3 and visit
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