Hub Removal on Late Model Honda Trapped Rotors

Hub Removal on Late Model Honda Trapped Rotors

Working on hub removal for late model Honda's can become slightly more difficult than other hub removals. This is because it is not uncommon for this particular hub to become stuck, or "trapped". This article will go over what causes these hubs to stick, as well as how to remove them. The process for this particular hub removal is not very difficult and, by using a simple trick, becomes fairly straightforward and easy.

Cause and Solution

As can often happen, these hubs sometimes experience rust and corrosion between the hub assembly and the steering knuckle. As a result, and with time, this corrosion begins to bond the two parts together. Effectively, the parts become rusted together as well as more difficult to separate. To fix the problem, the knuckle and hub must be separated from one another. 

Hub Removal

1. Remove the knuckle assembly from the vehicle (Note that while this step can be skipped, we strongly advise removing the knuckle.)

2. Remove the four (4) OE hub retaining bolts. (Figure 32.1)

3. Install the four (4) 10x1.25mm x 3" bolts, making sure to thread them in 1/2" as shown in figure 32.2

4. Finally, using a hammer, drive the hub out of the knuckle using the heads of the longer bolts as drivers. Use an "X" pattern when doing this. As a result, this process will "walk" the hub out of the knuckle. (See figure 32.3)

Hub assembly with bolts in
New bolts installed in hub assembly
New bolts screwed through hub assembly

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