I need to change my brake fluid. HUH?

I need to change my brake fluid. HUH?

Most people don't know they need to change brake fluid. It's not in their maintenance manual. No one has ever told them or showed them why they need to change it. So why?

When you step on your brake is the pedal right at the top only goes down about two maybe three inches before you begin to stop? If not, if you have to pump your brake pedal or it sinks to the bottom then changing you brake fluid is imperative.

Why brake fluid wears out

Brake fluid wears out just like oil, antifreeze or power steering fluid. We all change these as a matter of maintenance. Brake fluid wears out because of heat every time you step on your pedal you are creating heat.

Every time you step on your pedal you are causing your brake pads to close on the rotor which causes friction and friction creates heat. This heating and cooling of your rotor in turn heats and cools your brake fluid. How many times a day do you step on your brake pedal? Eventually your brake fluid wears out and you begin feeling that mushy pedal or you have to pump your pedal to stop or those brake pads seem to wear out quicker then you think they should.

Test brake fluid don't guess

If this is happening to you test your brake fluid. Many Garages today have a test they can do to check the condition of the fluid and for a nominal cost they can change your fluid and give you a good strong pedal at the top and make your car safe.

Visit your local dealer or garage to get your brake fluid tested with BrakeStrip from Phoenix Systems.
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