Policy on Premature Pad Wear

Policy on Premature Pad Wear

Allowing customers to leave the shop thinking the problem is fixed when it is not can be a problem. As a result, customers will sometimes end up returning when brakes are metal to metal. This article aims to help solve this issue. By finding and sticking to a good brake policy you can help ensure that the cause brake problem is actually fixed. At times the cause of the premature pad wear is obvious and no additional steps should be needed. On the other hand, if the cause is less than obvious or there is any question about whether the repairs that were performed will correct the problem, then follow the steps below.
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Brake Policy Steps

    1. Research how many miles and how long it took to cause the premature pad wear. Take the time and mileage and divide it by 2.
    2. Explain to the customer you would like them to bring the vehicle back for a quick check in the half mileage calculated in step number 1. For example, if the left side pads are wearing out in 5,000 miles, have the customer stop back at 2,500.
    3. After customer leaves, put a reminder to call the customer in your appointment book on the date that represents the time it took the wear to take place.
    4. If the customer doesn’t return by the date in the appointment book, give them a reminder call about the checkup.
Bonus Tip: Using this technique may save you having to replace rotors free of charge.

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