Relining Front Disc Brakes and Rotor Service Part 5

Relining Front Disc Brakes and Rotor Service Part 5

This week we will be covering part 5 (and final for this month) to our front brake relining and rotor service blog post feature for September. You can read the other 4 parts of this blog post on our Blog.

Step 32

This close up shows the rust and corrosion that was present before filing. Failure to clean up this area correctly may restrict pad movement and cause irregular wear of the pads.Reline 32

Step 33 Lubricate all metal-to-metal contact points with approved sliding (metal-to-metal) caliper grease.
Reline 33
Step 34 Before pushing the piston back into the caliper bore so you can install the pads, have the loaded caliper slip over the rotor use a proper tool and pinch off the flexible brake hose. This prevents back-flow of the brake fluid when pushing in the caliper piston.Reline 34
Step 35 After opening the bleeder valve, use a proper tool to push the piston back into the caliper bore. After pushing the piston inward, close the bleeder valve.Reline 35
Step 36 After pushing the caliper piston inward with the inner pad installed and the outer pad placed in the bracket, slip the caliper over the rotor.Reline 36
Step 37 Everything is done and the wheel is ready to be installed. After installing both wheels, start the vehicle and pump the brake pedal a few times to move the pistons against the pads and the pads against the rotor. Check the fluid level and test drive.Reline 37
This is the final post for our Tech Tricks Tuesday on front disc relining and rotor service. You can also follow us on Social Media to know more of what we are up to and to get even more tips and tricks.
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