Reverse Brake Bleeding Field Test Results = BEWARE...

Reverse Brake Bleeding Field Test Results = BEWARE...

(This came from a VERY Satisfied customer)

... You will need to re-learn how to drive with Harder Brakes!!

Sorry couldn't help myself :-P

Okay Fellas,

Here are the results of the Reverse Brake Bleed system by Phoenix Systems. I was truly trying to make this thing fail but.... read on

>>>Product[: V12 DIY Bleeder $65<<<

>>>Issue: Soft Brake Feel and Slow Brake Light Response<<<

>>>Previous Attempted Bleeding Techniques after Caliper Re-build<<<: Vacuum, Pressure, 2 Man Team (attempted minimum of three times and heck of allot of Brake Fluid)

First off, I did everything in the rule book after re-building my calipers and special techniques given by some outstanding Vets (you know who you are, I am very grateful) here but, I came to the realization my brakes were SOFT. Don't get me wrong they stop on a dime when in a pinch, but the 1st half of pedal travel was a bit worrying.

Recently, a buddy of mine came over to work on his '77 911s with some clutch/trans issues. He drove my car to compare the 915 trans and to his shock the brakes were much softer than his and it took him off guard. I knew something was wrong but the last 2 Man team went well and I truly thought all the air was out, but sadly no.

The verification was my brake lights, I have Daniel Stern's LED 3rd light upgrade so I can see the response time of my brakes. I know it was not my Brake Light Switches because I had my Brake Light Switch Arc Suppressor installed to eliminate any failure in them, ever. The switches were responding slowly and at the middle of my brake pedal travel


So I pulled the trigger and thought I give it a try, after speaking to Jim, the developer of the Reverse Bleeder, after a lengthy conversation, what convinced me to use it was the maximum 10lb pressure the device pushes into the brake line system so there would be no risk of contaminants/debris getting into the MC. Too many respected Vets warned about the potential contamination. Jim explained, when people compress the calipers, doing so promotes the potential for contaminants/debris to be pushed up to the MC's. His device will not. Sales pitch or fact, I will certainly see if I push poo poo up the MC.

The Kit:

Pretty complete, it can also do the Vacuum and a better Pressure bleed. IMO, I wrote better because you do not have to worry about filling the reservoir or keeping the minimum pressure, it is all controlled by the pump which is tapped into the Brake Fluid container. Not only that, it works for bench bleeding MCs. Please note, it was an observation, I only tested the Reverse Bleed Technique.

Used a large syringe to remove some of the existing fluid out of the reservoir.

Primed the reverse bleeder until fluid came out the filler cap, wrench then on the release valve, This minimizes new air into the system.

The Test:

Passenger Rear:

No Air Bubbles...I just got ripped off, Doh!

Driver Rear:

Air Bubbles, Really??? OMG, no way!

Passenger Front:

More Air Bubbles. Stuff must be broken, I thought to self.

Driver Front:

No Air Bubbles

Went over it again just to make certain. NO AIR BUBBLES appeared in the reservoir ALL AROUND!

So now the Road Test:

Jumped in her and pressed the brake pedal while the car was off. Prior to bleedings, the pedal was a bit soft then would harden after 1-2 pumps. This time it was hard on the first pump. OK, Good but still skeptical.

Started her, again expecting the brakes to feel soft on the first pump. Nope HARD. Okay I am starting to smile. I also noticed the brake light came on immediately. In fact, the LED 3rd light flickered as soon as my foot was on the pedal then soon as I started to depress the pedal all lights came on.

Test Drive....................................CONFIRMED, Harder Brake Feel and Brake Lights ON immediately.

Take what you will from this but this thing really does work and I am going to tackle my son's ABS Brake System, his is really soft to the floor.

Rock Hard Brakes, Priceless!

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