Will your brake bleeder bleed my vehicle?

Will your brake bleeder bleed my vehicle?

It usually starts like this " I have a 2004 make and model can your brake bleeder work on my vehicle or do I have to buy any extra adapters? Yes it will!

The answer to all questions about whether the phoenix bleeder can bleed your specific vehicle is YES! The phoenix bleeder is not vehicle specific meaning it's not your vehicle but your brake or clutch system. Whether you have a car, truck, trailer, motorcycle or any hydraulic system.

What is it?

The Brake Bleeder from Phoenix Systems is a hydraulic hand pump that bleeds hydraulic systems. whether it is brakes or clutch. Whether it is boat trailer or RV. Whether it is fork lift or airplane. If what you are trying to bleed is a hydraulic system. This is the tool you must use to remove air from your system.

Flush or Bleed?

Flush or bleed bleed or flush what is it! The term flush means just that to flush out the old fluid and replace with new fluid. The term bleed means to remove air from the fluid already in your system. Flushing your system will not in most cases remove air from your system.

How do I get the bleeder?

Go to brakebleeder.com and order your bleeder today!
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