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Monday, June 25, 2012
New Product:
Test Your Brake Fluid In 60 Seconds With Phoenix Brake Fluid Test Strips

Are you compromising the integrity and safety of your brakes? Don't guess-test with Phoenix Systems BrakeStrips. These simple-to-use strips are not moisture or petroleum tests. BrakeStrip uses (or follows) MAP guidelines to identify bad brake fluid in 60 seconds. These innovative BrakeStrip testing strips identify the exact level of copper ions in your brake fluid--an early sign of corrosion and extremely damaging to your brake system. They're easy to use; simply dip them in fluid, shake them off, and a minute later, match the test strip color with the included chart to see the level of copper in your brake fluid. BrakeStrip brake fluid test strips from Phoenix Systems are inexpensive safeguards to preserve your stopping power--aren't you and your family worth it?

Did you know Phoenix Systems leads the industry in brake testing tools? They manufacture a patented reverse brake bleeder which is guaranteed to obliterate trapped air in seconds, immediately "firm up" any brake or clutch pedal, and get super fast and safe pedal response every time.

Check out Phoenix Systems' great DIY brake tool videos at
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