Phoenix Systems announces their Reverse Pressure Bleeder.

St. George, UT: Phoenix Systems announces the launch of the Reverse Pressure Bleeder, a new bleeder that uses Phoenix Systems famous reverse bleeding method combine with the fast-growing method of pressure bleeding.

The new tank will allow users to bleed from the calipers up, helping the air go its natural direction, and leaving the firmest brake possible every time.  The Pressure Bleeder is pressurized by a pump located on the top and has a handle that is used as a valve when the user is ready to start and stop injecting brake fluid.  The tool has the same appearance as many pressure bleeders on the market now but comes with what you need to bleed any calipers using the reverse method.  

Phoenix Systems representative-Jeremiah Terry states, “The Reverse Pressure Bleeder really is the best of both worlds.”  “Being able to pressurize the tank and quickly bleed all four lines is going to leave users wondering where this product was all these years.”  The bleeder will make your life so much easier and instantly bring value to service centers by helping to eliminate extra time spent on brake services.

Using the wrong tools for the job really does cause tension on any shop and can even cause injury or accidents to occur.  Brake failure should not be taken lightly and should be a primary concern for every shop.  

Shop personnel often times don’t want to change the status quo and can be left with old tools and technology not even realizing there is a better way. With the Reverse Pressure Bleeder shops can safely and efficiently get the same job done, leaving a more satisfied customer.

The Reverse Pressure Bleeder joins an already strong team of products available at Phoenix Systems that keeps helping you provide the best tools for the perfect brake job.  The Reverse Pressure Bleeder can be purchased for 1 million dollars.  

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Phoenix Systems, LLC

1076 East Commerce Dr. Suite 400,

St. George, UT 84790

Telephone (888) 749-7977 or e-mail or visit:

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