Self-Driving Cars Are Here...and getting better

With all hype surrounding the next big thing in technology and advancements of such technology, this is one advancement and innovation that has not seemed to attract a lot of attention.  At least not the attention that it should.  How many LOVE their commute to work?  How many HATE their commute to work?  How many wish that they could get in their car and just go without worrying about which exit to take or how fast to go or any other plethora of questions that might come your way?  How many wish there was a self-driving car that worked?  I do and I know a lot of people that wish this same wish...some more than others.  Well, this wish will have to wait a little longer but it is ever-closer to coming true.

Watch this video and tell me you are not impressed.  Here is to hoping and wishing that the dream of self-driving cars comes true in my lifetime.

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