Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Charles Martin

Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Charles Martin

Here is what Charles Martin had to say about the Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeder in a recent email to us:

"I purchased the Phoenix Systems Brake bleeding tool a while back. I own a 1973 Corvette that I could not bleed the brakes on. I saw your reverse brake bleeding tool on Gearz TV with Stacey David and I ended up purchasing the tool. The tool worked great, it took care of all my braking issues. Anyone who owns a corvette understands what a pain in the butt they are to bleed the braking system. Using the Phoenix Systems reverse brake bleeder was the only way, after using several other methods and tools, to bleed my Corvette’s braking system. Very proud of the tool and would recommend to anyone who cannot get their system working right, this tool will do the job."

Check out his '73 Corvette as well.

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