Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Eric Tork

Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Eric Tork

Another wonderful testimonial from  Eric Tork.

"I was doing a suspension overhaul on my most recent truck build and had to replace the front brake lines.  Getting these Blazers to bleed down doesn't always go smoothly.  I also needed a way to flush the lines from the master cylinder quickly.  Since I am a hobbyist mechanic, I don't have a lot of time to work on these projects, so I need tools that are quick and accurate.  I found this brake bleeder while looking through the Summit Racing catalog and watched a couple of youtube videos showing how it worked.  I bought one and was able to bleed the system down in less than 30 minutes and had everything working great.

I also use the bleeder for maintenance on some of my other collector cars:

My 1965 Mustang and my 2007 Solstice GXP:

OH YES!!  I would definitely recommend the reverse brake bleeder to others!  I have used other brake bleeder tools in the past and found that this tool was quicker and the ability to flush the lines directly from the master cylinder is a great benefit as well.

I will be building up a '59 Chevy pickup this year as well, building a new brake system from scratch.  Definitely need it for that project.  No pics of that truck yet.


- Eric"

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