Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Jeffrey Skiba

Brake Bleeder Testimonial from Jeffrey Skiba

Jeffrey Skiba, a happy customer of Phoenix Systems, was kind enough to leave a testimonial with us along with his testimonial, he submitted a picture of one of the vehicles he used the Bleeder on.

"I first saw the Phoenix Systems Brake Bleeder on a TV show and thought it would be a good tool to invest in.  I ordered one and have used it a number of times.  It does a great job because you can use it to reverse bleed, bench bleed, vacuum bleed and/or pressure bleed from the master cylinder out to the wheels.

Best of all if you don't have a helper, you are able to do the job yourself!!! I highly recommend the tool.  Good job .

Sincerely  Jeff Skiba"

Thanks to you, Jeff, for allowing us to use your testimonial on our website.

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