Ted Hough's Reverse Brake Bleeder Testimonial

Ted Hough's Reverse Brake Bleeder Testimonial

I first heard of your product (Phoenix Systems Reverse Brake Bleeder) while watching a Saturday morning car show.  I had been having trouble getting a solid pedal on my Factory 5 Roadster.  I suspected an incomplete bleed as all the lines were newly installed.

I thought that the reverse bleed process was the ticket, and would be worth it to see if the braking improved.  Sure enough, after using the system the brakes were solid.  If you don't have power brakes, it doesn't take much air to make you feel uneasy.  On a high power vehicle like the roadster, the brakes are something you don't want to be wondering about.

Great product!

Check out Ted's Roadster.  That is one awesome ride.

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