Bleed Your Brakes in Minutes

Bleed Your Brakes in Minutes By Yourself

With Gearz Host Stacey David

Learn more about our brake bleeders:

Bleed to remove air bubbles that may have entered the system while repairs were being made, because of a leak, or because the fluid level got too low. The air must be removed because it is compressible and can prevent a full, firm pedal.

"Brake Fade” is where, under heated braking conditions, the brake fluid boils in the caliper causing steam in the system and a fading brake pedal. Stopping distances are severely affected leading to dangerous driving conditions.

Bleed to remove moisture contamination. Brake fluid needs to be replaced periodically because it absorbs moisture over time. As the fluid soaks up moisture, it thickens and becomes more susceptible to heat and corrosion.

I purchased your Phoenix Pro System and had to comment on how well it is. I have purchased many other systems in the past, but this one is the Cadillac of all. I just did my 2003 GMC, which are not usually easy, and had no problems. Thanks!

Just a note to thank you for the prompt attention on my Phoenix Pro Bleeder.  I’ve has this machine for fifteen plus years and grown quite dependent on it. I work by myself so this is the Best Brake Bleeding Tool I’ve ever had. I have yet to find a brake/clutch system that it hasn’t worked well on.

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