Brake Bleeder Features

Brake Bleeder Features

MaxProHD Reverse Brake Bleeder

Phoenix Systems Brake Bleeder Features

  • Patented reverse fluid injection
  • 19 year track record of success and problem solving
  • GSA, military and 0EM approved
  • Bleed brakes and clutches in 10 minutes, even ABS
  • One person operation
  • Removes trapped air, the cause of a spongy pedal
  • Portable, lightweight, no electricity or air required
  • Cost-effective and multi-functional: RFI, vacuum and pressure
  • No special tools or clips to bleed ABS
  • Precision made, steel and aluminum and rebuildable
  • Access to all instructional videos

Phoenix Systems Brake Bleeder Benefits

  • Bleed like the Pro’s
  • Pays for itself within a couple uses
  • Confidently handle the toughest jobs, like the Ford Ranger clutch in minutes
  • Protects your stopping power by decreasing brake response time
  • Buy one tool for all your bleeding needs
  • Bleed it right the first time
  • Usable anywhere, quick easy setup. No electricity or compressed air required
  • No scan tool required for basic ABS bleeding
  • Stop wasting time returning good parts not properly bled
  • Hand over the keys to your wife or kids with confidence
  • The last brake bleeder you'll ever buy

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