Brake Fluids Little Secret

Brake Fluids Little Secret


You can’t find brake fluids secret by color. In fact, this can get you into trouble. Extensive research shows brake fluid can discolor or darken significantly and be in perfect condition. Brake fluid can also look fine and still need to be replaced.

Time Or Mileage

Time or mileage doesn't work either. The type of driving, like highway or “stop-and-go”, hides the secrets that time or mileage won’t discover. And GM, Ford and Chrysler don’t have a recommendation for brake fluid service.


Moisture is no secret and doesn’t reveal the real problems with brake fluid. There are no guidelines based on moisture and it’s not supported by vehicle or brake manufactures. Moisture really limits your opportunities. Recent studies show that out of 469 vehicles tested only 6 had a low boiling point.


The only way to discover brake fluids “dirty little secret” is with Brake Strip™. The secret is copper. Copper reveals the true condition of brake fluid and the new MAP guideline* puts the red flag at 200 ppm copper. Copper can harm ABS valves and it’s the best indicator that the corrosion inhibitors are losing their punch.

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