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Doing a simple brake check could save your life or the lives of others. If your brakes are safe than you are safe.

How to brake check is simple you take the Phoenix system brake strip and dip it into the brake fluid reservoir depending on the color that comes out on the paper, that will show you if it is time to change your brake fluid. A simple brake check such as that can make the world of difference on the road. A small brake strip can make the world of difference.

The automotive repair industry has a reputation of being dishonest. With the strip and the card, I can prove it to them that their brake fluid is bad and the customer feels confident that this service is needed. Using BrakeStrip will change the automotive service industry from a stigma of dishonesty to trusting your mechanic.

John Price, Precision Automotive Inc. - Billings, MT

The industry has replaced much of the myth surrounding brake fluid with fact and has adopted an industry accepted testing technology (FASCAR). Technicians at shops following these procedures will be able to confidently educate their customers on the benefits of a brake fluid flush.

Bill Williams - Brake and Front End

Yes, we test everything that comes in and explain to our customers about copper content in the systems. Customers say that it is a much better explanation that it is bad because it looks dirty.

Bill’s Quality Autocare - Simi Valley, CA

We read test strips on every check, every time. It has enhanced our brake sales and moved us into the top trust market by being able to show the customer the problems and also allow the customer to dip the fluid themselves. Thanks.

Kenny Counce - Concord, CA Store # 029734