Recharge Your System With Brake Fluid Booster

Brake Fluid Booster Is Designed To Help By:

  • Protecting your vehicles ability to stay on the road during high speed hairpin turns
  • Shielding your Anti-Lock brake system from dangerous moisture and corrosion
  • Defending your vehicles ability to keep traction in wet or icy conditions
  • Strengthening your brake fluid’s ability to provide stopping power to your Crash Avoidance System during Autonomous Emergency Braking

Crash Avoidance System

Brake Fluid is the LifeBlood of your (CAS) Crash Avoidance System and when neglected it may lead to premature system failure. System failure is not only expensive, it is dangerous! A malfunctioning Crash Avoidance System can cause your vehicle to swerve off the road during high speed cornering, lose traction in wet or icy conditions and increase your chance of a rear end accident.

Recharging your Brake Fluid with a Brake Fluid Rust Inhibitor Booster is the best way to provide continued protection against the moisture and rust that can eat your system from the inside out.

Crash Avoidance System History

Why Brake Fluid Is Crucial For Your CAS

Without properly functioning brake fluid you couldn't even stop your car when backing out of your driveway. Without Brake Fluid your entire Crash Avoidance System would be useless.

ABS Valve Rust Caused By Worn Brake Fluid

Brake Fluid is Corrosive

Just like any other automotive fluid, Brake Fluid wears out. And, when it does it begins to corrode your Crash Avoidance System from the inside out. Luckily this kind of internal corrosion can be prevented, which is why we recommend recharging your Brake Fluid rust inhibitors every 15K miles. .

How Do You Re-Charge Your System?

Lets ask Larry Mac (Fox NASCAR analyst and crew chief for Dale Earnhardt Sr.) .