CONTEST: Tell Us How You Use Your Brake Bleeder

Many loyal customers have been following Phoenix Systems for years because of their innovative brake bleeders. The heavy-duty MaxPro, professional grade V-12, and light-duty V-5 have been helping car enthusiasts accomplish the perfect brake job for over 20 years. While this has been the main objective for Phoenix Systems, we have found that many have created other innovative uses for their revolutionary tool.

We want to hear the creative avenues in which you have put your brake bleeder to use. This could be anything, anytime you have used your tool to cut time, energy, and increase the efficiency of any job you are working on. Anybody who submits their unique method in the form below will automatically be entered into a drawing to win an Action Racing Collectible Stock Car, featuring Dale Earnhardt's 10th Anniversary Cot of the Most Prolific Win in Daytona 500 History. The collectible is also signed by his winning crew chief and NASCAR announcer, Larry McReynolds. (Pictured above)

All contest submissions will be judged by representatives of Phoenix Systems on creativity, difficulty of the task being completed, and the increase in job efficiency your brake bleeder provides.

Brake Bleeder Examples

There are many creative ways in which individuals have put our brake bleeders to use. For example, the military uses the MaxProHD Brake Bleeder on one of their largest pieces of artillery. The M777 Howitzer is a towed 155mm artillery piece used in the United States Marine corps and United States Army. The military has used the simple principles of reverse-bleeding technology contained in all of the Phoenix Bleeders to correctly bleed out all of the air in its lines.

howitzer-mounted-gun copy M777 Howitzer 

Another example is how diesel mechanics have been using the Phoenix Bleeders to work on semi-truck clutch systems. The clutch systems on semi-trucks contain a bleed screw, similar to brake lines, and use a hydraulic system to separate the disks when switching gears. Again, the simple principles of reverse-bleeding technology are used to push the air up and out of the top fuel clutch, providing the safest clutch lines possible.

Many don't know that our Phoenix Bleeders have been taken to the air as well. Anytime an aircraft component is replaced, or the hydraulic system is opened for repairs, the hydraulic system must be bled of air to the maximum extent possible. Because of its innovative technology, seasoned mechanics now look to any of the Phoenix Systems bleeders to provide a hydraulic system that is free of as much air as possible.


Please share with us the different ways you have put your brake bleeder to use. It doesn't have to be as extravagant as an airplane, or a piece of military artillery. Hospitals, which you would think have no relation to this industry, have used the Phoenix Bleeders to bleed the radiator lines in their x-ray machines to make sure they are cooled to the right temperature.