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Hi Jim, Just wanted to tell you how well the V12 solved my brake bleeding issues! I had to replace the MC on my 1996 Tahoe. I bled it on the vehicle (or so I thought!) before hooking up the lines and then my nightmare started! Because of the ABS manifold all of the prior methods I used would not work. The pedal went straight to the floor. Even called the local shop and Chevy dealer and neither could give me a straight answer on what it would cost or how much time it would take to get it done. So I knew they didn’t have a sure fire solution. After doing some searching online I found your product, and it made perfect sense to me. I used the V12 to reverse bleed the system and then to pressure bleed from the reservoir down to the calipers. I Did this method two times and now the pedal is rock hard. I also tried the vacuum method from the caliper but found that there was too much leakage from the bleeder threads for it to be affective. So after weeks of my truck sitting in the garage I was able to get great results in a few hours with the V12. You guys have a great product that does what it says! thanks a bunch, JonJon Rogutich

I’ve used a Phoenix Brake Bleeder for 2 years. My foster son didn’t know what it was and I had it in my waste can, draining the fluid out. He emptied the can in the dump. It’s like losing my right arm!! I need one right now. Thanks for your help.

As a mechanic for the last 30 years, and a TV car talk host for the last 3, I only wish there were more guys out there like you (and you can quote me.) I’m truly amazed that someone hasn’t come up with such a great brake bleeding product before, because it REALLY saves time and most of all AGGRAVATION. I’d love to try out your Universal Cap Adapter if you’re interested in sending me one, it looks like another great tool I can tell people about (being a staunch supporter of the “little guys” out there, to Hell with the multi-national corporations.)

Anytime you come up with other products, feel free to send them on to me. I air twice a week, and I hate repeating myself. And if you have anything exciting going on in your web site, just send me a fax and I’ll check it out.

I think I have a V-10 injector from several years ago and I need to know what size of steel ball is supposed to be in the suction end of the pump. The plunger assembly fell apart when I had the injector apart to check the o-ring. Unfortunately it was over an oil drain pan and I have no way to recover the ball. I still have the spring, but want to put the ball back or it will not work at all anymore. I love this product it has saved me 1000s of hours of labor, but I need help!!!!!

“I love this product it has saved me 1000s of hours of labor!!!!!

Finally a tool that works as well as it looks. No more bugging your spouse or friends to pump the brakes for you. This tool has paid for itself many times over. Thanks Phoenix Systems for producing such a fine product. BTW, did I mention I love the tool!

We were asked to trial test the MaxPro for aviation applications. We found that MaxPro to be an excellent tool for bleeding small independent brake systems used in general aviation aircraft. The quick disconnect features of the MaxPro minimized the possibility of contamination and reduced set up time. Air was removed from these systems quickly and with a reduction in fluid leakage. We highly recommend this tool for general aviation applications.

The Phoenix bleeding system is the BEST and QUICKEST way to bleed clutch hydraulic systems. No pumping, no mess, just fill from the slave cylinder and push all the air up and out the master cylinder, the FIRST time. I also use it for my motorcycle and snowmobile brake systems. What a time saver. I highly recommend this system or any of their products.

Just a note to thank you for the prompt attention on my Phoenix Pro Bleeder. I’ve has this machine for fifteen plus years and grown quite dependent on it. I work by myself so this is the Best Brake Bleeding Tool I’ve ever had. I have yet to find a brake/clutch system that it hasn’t worked well on.

I couldn’t be happier with the new tool. Instead of replacing the clutch in my wife’s VW New Beetle, I first tried using the V-12 Injector to see if it was just trapped air. It was. The clutch works perfectly again. We live on a steep hill and my wife parks her car on the hill. The reservoir had gone down because of worn brake pads and I am sure that when parked on the hill, the clutch hose, that is midway up on the reservoir, was sucking in air. Thank you for your speedy response to my question and I am very happy with this new product. Note: Instead of using the silicon sealant as was suggested on loose threads, I used PTFE tape designed for hydraulic applications.

I was lucky enough to hit a home run with your reverse bleeding system!! Not having the Phoenix system Kit to finally fix my bleeding nightmares, a member took pity on me and brought his Phoenix brake bleeding system to ME and solved my bleeding dilemma. I know I can forget about the ABS light coming on after trying everything to fix this nightmare. Reverse bleeding saves all; and I now help dozens fix their ABS light, spongy petal, brake bleeding nightmares by recommending your reverse brake bleeding system !! Thanks, great product!

I purchased your Phoenix Pro System and had to comment on how well it is. I have purchased many other systems in the past, but this one is the cadilac of all. I just did my 2003 GMC, which are not usually easy, and had no problems. Thanks. Now I need to get the light and bracket soon. Thanks again.

I just bought a MaxPro to bleed brakes on 2004 dodge ram 1500,and it worked great brakes feel awesome and nice & firm pedal but ABS and brake light are on I have read manual over and over and it says safe for abs brakes? I done RFI I used it the other way how do I get lights off drove it brakes are working great.

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To you and all of the crew I have to brag about both my old unit and my new MaxPro. I have used it so long and its kept loaded and ready to bleed that the coating is buckling some but I could care less. I do have to replace my tubing about twice a year and get it from a True Value store but that is a service I do willingly. I got to use it more frequently when I was working for Firestone but I just linked your site to a forum (_www.Pro-Touring.com/forums_(http://www.pro-touring.com/forums)) I visit frequently and as luck would have it today I had a brake line job that I used it on. I love the strip dip and keep bottles in my tool-box (leftovers from Firestone service) too. But I replaced the rusted and leaking line in less than an hour after receiving parts and had the lines AND the master cylinder re-bled in less than 20 minutes and even cross bleed the other rear wheel. The injector let me bleed to the rabs valve on a Ford E-van and then on up to the master and I only bled the master at the lines once and got very little air, if any at all…. The MaxPro got the job done and the tech who helped me asked how I got it done so quick and didn’t trash the master cylinder. He,he “Ancient Chinese Secret” ROFLMAO.

This thing lets me make sooooooooo much money it has been well worth the $305 to replace my old MaxiJectPro as it was discontinued (it still works ok for now but I needed a new one anyway.)

I was blowing my boss away at Firestone how quick I could bleed even ABS equipped cars. While they never had a way to bleed ABS vehicles before I was working there except taking the vehicles to OEM dealers to cycle the systems, me I bleed the ABS valving and get as much air out before I install them and have rarely had any issues with air. Even if my new can tool wouldn’t cycle things my Phoenix Injector has never failed me!

Thanks again for such a great product and when I first bought it the unit sucked a lot of air, and you took care of me by swapping it out at no cost to me AND sent me bumper stickers to use on race cars.

Sincerely, A VERY happy customer, Ernest L. Abel, ASE Master Automotive Technician Aftermarket Performance

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