v-5 quick bleeder

DIY Reverse Brake Bleeder Quick Start Guide

Learn How To:

  • Reverse bleed
  • Vacuum bleed
  • Pressure bleed
  • Bench bleed
  • Bleed brakes in 10 minutes
  • Bleed brakes by yourself
  • Get the perfect brake pedal
  • Bleed all brakes and clutches including ABS

How To Perform A Reverse Bleed

How To Perform A Vacuum Bleed

How To Perform A Pressure Bleed

How To Perform A Bench Bleed


Trapped Air Is The EnemyPros have known for years that trapped air kills the response of even high-end brake system . . . and leave your “average” brake or clutch assembly mushy, weak and dangerous.Get The Trapped Air OutSo how do the pros obliterate trapped air, make sure every brake system performs to its top potential and get a rock-hard pedal every time? By pushing the air up!Air Wants To Go UP!The Phoenix Reverse Brake Bleeder is based on an incredibly obvious concept: Air wants to go up. That’s it. Reverse Bleeding...So SimpleReverse bleeding: It’s an idea so simply and obviously right that most people ask, Why didn’t anyone think of that before?