Brake Hose Service Ideas Part 2

Brake Hose Service Ideas Part 2

Just in case you missed part 1 of our Brake Hose Service Ideas from last week, we covered:
  • How to tell if a brake hose is still able to continue in service or not
  • What cracks mean on a brake hose and if it is serviceable when cracked
  • Is the pull on the vehicle from the brakes or from the brake hoses?
  • What to do with a caliper when servicing the vehicle
  • What heat does to brake hoses
Idea 7

This is the end result of what happens when too much heat reaches the crimped end portion of a flexible brake hose.

Brake Hose Service Idea 07

Idea 8

This is a comparison of a crimped hose end compared to one that has separated because of being heated with a torch.

Brake Hose Service Idea 08

Idea 9

This hose is an example of petroleum saturation and damage. It received, from a leak, a constant soaking of power steering fluid or some other lubricant and over time simply became soft and deteriorated.

Brake Hose Service Idea 09

Idea 10

Note the length of this hose and its position very close to the upper control arm. Putting the wrong hose on a vehicle or allowing a hose to slip in its mounting bracket by allowing a caliper to hang on it can cause interference issues between the hose and a suspension part or even the wheel.

Brake Hose Service Idea 10

Idea 11

Note the abrasion wear area of this hose. It was too long or mis-positioned and was rubbed against the tire/wheel during turns.

Brake Hose Service Idea 11

We will have more of ideas on brake hose service next week in our Tech Tricks Tuesday post.

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