How To Fix Binding Calipers on Ford Light Trucks

How To Fix Binding Calipers on Ford Light Trucks

When calipers bind, it causes premature outboard pad wear. This article will go over how this issue is caused, and how to fix it. (specifically for binding calipers on ford light trucks. We've done our best to provide the help you'll need, but if you still have answers after reading, check out the buttons at the bottom of the page. We have some great resources for you to check out.

Understand the Cause of Binding Calipers on Ford

When you experience binding calipers on ford light trucks, there are two main possible causes:

1. Using petroleum based lubricants on this caliper design can cause the rubber in the keepers to swell. Swelling of the rubber will cause the caliper to bind on release.

2. Buildup of rust and corrosion between the caliper/keeper/knuckle or failure to properly clean the mating surfaces of the caliper/keeper/knuckle.

The Solution

To fix the problem, simply pair the cause above with the solution below:

1. Ford states in TSB 95-5A-13 to use only a high quality silicone lubricant when servicing these trucks. Silicone will not effect the rubber and serves to repel any water that might get into it.

2. Whenever servicing the brake pads on this type of caliper, make sure to clean all mating surfaces before applying the lubricant.

More Important Information

Many Ford light trucks and SUVs use the sliding caliper pictured below. When performing service on this type of caliper it is important to use the correct type of lubricant.

Ford service information states to use only a high quality silicone lube. Use of any petroleum based lubricant will cause the rubber core to swell. As a result, the swelling will restrict the caliper movement and result in outboard pad wear. Moly-lube, anti-seize, white lithium grease and most other commonly used lubricants are petroleum based and should never be used on rubber parts. Use of the silicone lube will not only prevent damage to the rubber core of the keeper but silicone also repels water.

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