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Coolant + Brake Fluid Test Strips

Coolant + Brake Fluid Test Strips

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  • 15 Double-Ended test strips used to test both coolant and Brake fluid
  • Gives you the peace of mind that your Brake fluid is good and is safely performing its proper function
  • Identifies potential Brake fluid and coolant related problems before they occur -thereby ensuring your safety and fewer breakdowns
  • Simply remove the test strip from the foil wrapper, Dip it into your Brake fluid then coolant/antifreeze, and 60 to 90 seconds later you will know the condition of your fluids. (Scientific proof)
  • May save you from paying for an un-needed Brake fluid or coolant change
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Over 75 Million Tests & Counting

Trusted by consumers and big brands since 1999, we can guarantee accuracy with our strips.

Your Cars Most Important Fluid

Brake fluid is essential to stopping your car and can save lives.

The image depicts a person holding a package of coolant and brake fluid test strips in front of a car engine

Peace of Mind

Every car and driver are different, figure out your best time for a flush.

Brake & Coolant

We have strips for both.

Why is Testing Your Brake Fluid Important?