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Coolant Test Strips - 100 Pack

Coolant Test Strips - 100 Pack

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Qty: 100 test strips per bottle. Tests coolant for both pH and Glycol.

Because CoolantStrip uses a proprietary integrated Glycol color metric scale, it can be used with all coolant colors, including:

  • conventional coolant
  • long life
  • extended life
  • Dex Cool 
  • Low Tox coolants. 

“Our service center clients often find that their customers are skeptical when they recommend extra services, like a coolant flush,” said a Phoenix Systems spokesperson. “So, when a coolant flush is actually needed, many customers do not follow through. CoolantStrip gives service centers and mechanics the ability to visually show the need for a coolant flush or coolant correction.

Coolant problems can lead to engine breakdowns, and improperly formulated coolant can also increase wear and tear on the engine’s cooling system. Without a properly functioning cooling system, engines are prone to overheating, which can decrease the life of an engine.

“Vehicle owners are often unaware of the importance of their coolant.  With CoolantStrip, shops can start a dialogue to not only teach about the importance of coolant but also show when it needs to be changed.” - Jon P.

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The image depicts a package of Coolant + Brake Fluid Test Strips by Phoenix Systems. It includes 15 strips with instructions for testing both coolant and brake fluid. To use, dip the designated end of the strip into the corresponding fluid, wait for the specified time, and compare the resulting pad color to a chart on the package to assess freeze/boil point, glycol content, corrosion levels, and the need for replacement.

Brake & Coolant Test Strips

Make sure your key fluids are in good working order.

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