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Phoenix Systems

V-12 Petro Pump

V-12 Petro Pump

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The Petro Pump is designed to work with petroleum-based fluids and comes complete with case, adapters, and specialty fittings.

  • Clean and test carburetors and more
  • Bleed power steering systems
  • Bleed aircraft brakes
  • Pressure test fuel systems to 100 psi
  • Reverse, pressure, and vacuum bleed
  • Test automatic transmissions
  • Test pressure and vacuum sensors
  • Patented
  • Use for all petroleum fluids
  • NOT for brake fluid
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The image shows a diagram of a reverse brake bleeding system, which is a type of brake bleeding kit. The kit includes a reservoir bottle, a collection bottle, a brake caliper bleeding screw, and hoses.

Patented Reverse Bleeding

  • Truly makes bleeding brakes a one-man job
  • Reverse bleeding removes more trapped air than any other bleeding method
  • Works on every vehicle

1 Tool For Every Type of Bleeding

  • Using a combination of methods can bleed even the most difficult of jobs.
  • Reverse Bleed
  • Vacuum Bleed
  • Pressure Bleed (Need adapter)
  • Bench Bleed (Need adapter kit)

Clutch & Brakes

Designed to not only bleed brakes, but clutches as well.

Adapters For All

It will reverse bleed any vehicle, but in order to pressure bleed or flush your brakes you will need adapters for your specific vehicle.

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